Case Study: Testimonial Video Aztech Buildings

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Aztech Buildings was looking to produce a series of Case Studies on Aztech Buildings Customers.

This is the first testimonial video we produced for Aztech Buildings. This video will serve as a business promotion for website, social media channels and marketing team going forward.

Our team were on site for along 4 hours ensure everything was set to get the perfect shoots, we interviewed Mike the owner of the farm located in Rangiriri.

Our photographer Nika who was on site during the whole day of filming captured an impressive amount of pictures which ones are being used on the Aztech Building's website, instagram and Facebook channels.

We produced two version of the video, a long version for YouTube and a short version to be shown on Facebook.

Client : Aztech Buildings

Agency: Holloway


Director: Rob Pavez

Film maker: Grayson Straker

Second Camera: Rye Inglis

Photographer: Nika


Aztech Building (Photographer: Nika)

The lovely cows (Photographer: Nika)

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