Finding the right video production company for your project is not easy. In this guide, you will learn what video production costs, and what can be done to keep it affordable.

How much does video production cost?

There is no magic number or price as every project is unique requiring its own calculation and budget.

How much are our filming rates?

Our filming rates are $800 plus GST for a full day of filming, $500 plus GST for half day. Edition rates are $75 plus GST per hour.

What element do we consider to build an accurate video production budget?

To start is very important to know the nature of the video or project, the length of the video, locations, hours on site filming, crew members and the complexity of the editing specially if it involve any sort of animation.

Do you need video animation?

Video animations are a key element in online marketing, and they help both to simplify complex information and explain things precisely. So it will depend of the nature of the video and what is your final goal.

What does the video production process involve?

Pre Production

Pre-Production is the process of putting all the preparation into making a video that will make the production run smoothly. It is when ideas and plans are brought together.During pre-production, the script is written and the cast, locations and crew are booked.


The production stage, in easy words is when shooting begins. During this short timeframe we ensure to get all the shoots required to get the job done.

Post production 

Post production is the part of the filmmaking process that takes place after filming and sound recording have ended. It involve the process of editing the video putting together all the elements to reach the look and feel of the desired video.

How many crew member does my video project need? 

There are many factors that determine the amount of crew members a particular video project needs. We have done video projects with only one camera man with excellent results. If we need different cameras angles, photography, drone filming and audio specialist, the size of the crew could reach up to to three to four people.

Do we need subtitles in our videos?

Having subtitles in your videos will translate them into more attention-catching content for potential buyers, as well subtitles boost your search engine rankings. So the answer is yes, we recommend having subtitles as today many viewers watch online video with out sound. 

What equipment do you have?

We film everything with high end equipment, our 4k cameras are approved by Netflix, so yeah we can film movies. We have a large range of microphones journalist style, lapel mics, and professional condensed mic to make you sound like a radio presenter.      

How do I get my files?

We can deliver on pen drives, SSD drives or transfer the files over the internet. We keep a back up of all your finals videos in two different stare systems. So if you lost your videos you can easily get them back from us.

How can I pay for Mount TV video and photography services?

All our projects required a 50% deposited to book the filming dates, and 50% must be paid after the delivery of the media files. We accept PayPal and crypto payments for our international clients. For local NZ clients we accept crypto and online bank transfers.

Mount TV Video Production offers the best video services from video production to video distribution. Contact us and find out how much does video production cost.